Programs for Puppies

Programs for Puppies

Our state of the art Puppy Program is so much more than the typical obedience class.

Puppy Start Right Kindergarten

Takes advantage of your puppy’s developmental age to build confidence and shape your puppy into the confident, social, well-mannered family dog you want.

Puppies need new experiences to be positive and fun, and they need to have these experiences by about age 12 weeks or risk becoming fearful.

Our classes teach you to encourage your puppy’s confidence in several critical areas for his overall well being.

Vet care – we teach cooperative care techniques to make vet visits and necessary medical procedures fun for your puppy, not scary using Fear Free Training

Grooming care – we teach cooperative grooming techniques to make husbandry care procedures fun and stress free for your puppy. Your puppy CAN LOVE handling and grooming

Familiarization – carefully structured social interactions with new puppies, people, environmental objects help your puppy become a confident, cognitive problem solver

Problem solving – We discuss common puppy problems like chewing, biting, potty training, crate training, alone time training - and how to proactively deal with a problem when it arises

Basic manners – positive reinforcement we build a love of training so your puppy is an eager little learner

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Puppy Kindergarten Class is open enrollment

Start when the training has the biggest impact; while he is young!

Your Puppy Kindergarten Class Program Consists of:

  • A set of six classes, one of which may be a field trip grooming class
  • An introductory video orientation, Training Manual, treat apron, clicker
  • Access to video review / supplemental lessons corresponding to class content after each class session

Choose which date and time suits your schedule.

Sign up for all six classes consecutively the same day of week and time, or mix and match.

The cost for the six class program is $255, (payment required for access to the video orientation, introductory handouts and to reserve space in your first class.

Click here to purchase your Puppy Kindergarten Class Program to start now!

Puppy classes must be used before your pup is 20 weeks of age, or transfer in to Polite Pooch at 20 weeks

Your puppy grows up fast, take advantage of a complete program that will get your puppy settled in with your family the right way.

Check out the calendar page for current class dates.


Does you puppy have STAR power?

AKC STAR Puppy Testing is a program by AKC to encourage responsible dog ownership.

S. - Socialization

T. – Training

A. – Activity

R. – Responsibility

With patience and the right training, every puppy can become an AKC Star Puppy!

After 6 classes taught by an AKC Evaluator, you and your puppy can take the AKC STAR puppy test and submit your results to AKC to receive a frameable certificate and a medal for your puppy. ( STAR Puppy testing – is included as part of Puppy Start Right Kindergarten Program)

Click here to find out more about AKC STAR PUPPY


The recommendations of the AVSAB is to begin socializing puppies as young as 9 weeks to avoid developing fearful and shy behaviors later in adolescence. Consider socialization exercises as “behavioral inoculation” which is just as important as inoculation against disease. We can help you do this correctly and safely.

“The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior recommends socialization during the prime socialization period: by 12 weeks of age, as a preventative to fear and anxiety later in life. The standard of care as recommended by the AVSAB is that socialization classes begin before the puppy receives all 4 "puppy" vaccinations in the series.” See the AVSAB position statement on socialization

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Puppy Agility Class is a fantastic way to socialize your puppy to new experiences and build confidence. Obstacles are kept low so your puppy's growing bones and joints are safe! (For puppies age 3 to 9 months)

Check our calendar page for start dates

Head of the Class Dog Training LLC
Head of the Class Dog Training LLC