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Family Friendly and Fun


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How does it work?

Lisa, the owner of "Head of the Class Dog Training LLC always makes sure that lessons are family friendly and fun. She loves teaching familes, including children, as well as the dogs! She wants you to enjoy learning and getting the benefits of training your dog quickly.


Through our gentle and rewarding training techniques, we'll help your dog understand you clearly and respond to you reliably, and happily. We will help you to bring out the best in your pet!


For Puppies

Basic Manners

Individualized Training


From Naughty Dog to Therapy Dog

Ready for something more?

Lisa taught middle school for 22 years, so she is a natural and kind teacher She loves teaching people of all ages just as much as she loves teaching dogs. She will work with you to reach all of your goals that you have for your family dog.


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Bark Back

"My puppy and I really enjoyed your class tonight! I believe it was just what he needed! We are looking forward to next week. Thank you for the info you sent to me. I am almost finished reading it.  It is very reassuring and helpful. I am so happy I found you and your program." - Puppy / Basic client - June 2014



"Thank you Lisa Marino! This was a great class. Not only do you always teach Sadie something new, you always teach me something new about her." , Doggy See, Doggy Do and Fun and Games Grad - October, 2014


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Have you already done basic training, and now you're looking for something fun beyond those basics? We can help you there, too!

Check out our programs and classes for things like trick training, treibball, DIY agility, and more!

Beyond the Basics Classes

we train them all




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Do you wish you could get your dog to listen to you better, and much faster than he does now?

Is he still slow to resond, despite everything you've already tried?

Are you having trouble with things like jumping on guests, barking, or pulling on the leash?

Do you find you are repeating yourself and getting frustrated, and your dog STILL doesn't seem to learn?

Do you want your dog to be impressively responsive?

We're here to help you! We know how you feel!

Take a look at our programs and give us a call to tell us about you and your dog.




About Lisa

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