Virtual training for you and your dog.

Virtual training for you and your dog.

COVID-19 and social distancing doesn’t have to prevent you from starting a training program or halt your current training progress.
In-person group training classes are not always a good fit for every dog or every person. Maybe your dog gets nervous or overly excited around other dogs. Maybe your dog doesn’t ride so well in the car. No matter the reason keeping you from joining us in person, we have online training options available to help you reach your training goals and support you on your journey to a well-mannered furry friend, from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Advantages of online classes:

  • Stop the spread of germs and comply with social distancing practices
  • Receive instruction and coaching from the same expert trainers you would work with during in-person classes
  • Save time traveling back and forth to class
  • Less distractions for your dog so you don’t have to compete for his/her attention during classes
  • Less distractions for you so you can focus better during instructions and demonstrations
  • Attend class from anywhere and stay on track with your dog’s training, even when you’re away from home

Will I still see results from online classes?

Yes! When we’re working with you and your dog in class, our goal is to coach you, the owner, on how to teach each behavior or skill to your dog. The real work happens when you leave class and practice what you learned. It doesn’t matter if you’re learning online or in person, as long as you’re learning!

What online classes are available?

We have two online class formats available: Live Zoom Classes and On-Demand Classes

Basic Manners and Puppy Classes are available in both formats.

Tricks, Canine Fitness, Living Room Treibball, and Brain Games for Bowser classes are currently available via Live Zoom - check our calendar for details.

Live Zoom Classes:

Our live Zoom classes meet in real time for about 1 hour each week via Zoom meeting. Each class has a topic with live instruction and demonstration of several obedience exercises. The instructor explains and demonstrates the skills, then observes in real time as each participant practices that skill with their dog. The instructor is at home in their space, and each person is participating safely from their own home. There is time to discuss and ask questions in the group, just like in an in-person class.

Each class (Puppy Kindergarten and the Polite Pooch) will have a Private Facebook Group where further discussion and questions can take place. Video and photos can also be posted as you work through the homework each week.

Cost: Polite Pooch Classes meet for six consecutive weeks at the same time each week. The six week class costs $180

Puppy Kindergarten Classes meet for 5 consecutive weeks at the same time each week. The five week class costs $175

Check out the Services tab on our Facebook Page for the most up-to-date information and to see class topics for each week. To sign up, visit our calendar.

On-Demand Classes:

Our On-Demand classes are more flexible and do not require you to attend at a specific time. Each week, a new lesson is posted online in a Private Facebook Group. You can read the instructions and watch the demonstration videos any time after they are posted. You can post your homework video clips, questions, or comments under the corresponding Lesson Unit in the group.


Polite Pooch - $175 for 6 weeks of lessons.

You will have access to the group for 6 months and can go back and re-watch any of the material as much as you want during that time. 

Puppy Kindergarten - $150 for 5 weeks of lessons.

You will have access to the group and the material for 4 months and can go back and re-watch any of the videos and read the material as many times as you want during that time. 

COMING SOON - Virtual enrichment classes! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates!


Virtual Polite Pooch

Virtual Puppy Kindergarten

Brain Games for Bowser

Living Room Treibball

Canine Circus Tricks

Canine Conditioning

On Demand Facebook Group Polite Pooch

On Demand Puppy Kindergarten

Coming Soon!

Private Training

Behavioral Consultation - 2 hours

Single lesson - 1 hour

The Virtual Novice Program (3 online lessons)

The Virtual Grand Champion Program (5 online lessons)

The Virtual Best in Show Program (8 online lessons)